Can't log in?
Please take note of the information below if you are having trouble logging in to Waitrose Connect:

Your user name:
Ensure that you have typed in your user name in the correct format i.e. 'John Smith' is not the same as 'John W Smith' or 'JohnSmith'. Your user name is not case-sensitive.

Your password:
Passwords are case-sensitive. That means 'password' is not the same as 'PASSWORD'.
If you can't remember your password, please ask your company's Connect administrator to reset it for you. (This is the person that sent you your user account details.) Please change your password after you have logged in successfully.

Technical issues
Try using a different PC if possible. This if often all that is needed.
If you are accessing the site through 'Favourites' try re-typing the site address instead.
Clearing caches (temporary internet files) may be necessary.
Per Session cookies need to be set to 'Accept' (you may need to refer to your own technical support desk to change this).
Your firewall may be denying access to the site (you may need to refer to your own technical support desk to change this).

Please be aware that www.waitroseconnect.COM does not currently work. If using the .COM website, please use the .CO.UK site instead by clicking here

Still can't log in?
If you still can't log in, please go to our information hub Waitrose Engage and 'Ask a Question' .
Add as much information about your problem as you can, including your user name, your company name and details of the browser and operating system you are using e.g. a PC running Windows XP/Vista/7 with Internet Explorer 8.0 ; or Mozilla Firefox 10.0.

Waitrose Partners
Partner Connect passwords are the same as your Notes/PIC passwords. Therefore a password reset will change all three. To do this please raise a Service Now request: 'Report and Issue', 'Applications', 'Password reset' (on the left hand menu) and 'PIC Password reset'.